Creating Mood & Beauty with Landscape Lighting


Avalon Lighting Design, 1401 New England Dr, Roseville, CA  95661.  (916) 532-9699

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Avalon Lighting Design offers Landscape Lighting Design in Roseville, CA.  My business structure and flexibility allows me the ability to perform anywhere throughout North America.

Avalon Lighting Design is nationally recognized as a multi award-winning Landscape Lighting design firm.  My projects encourage artistry with light, emotional impact, technical application, and function.  With Landscape Lighting, I strive to create elegant settings that allow for an emotional connection.

Avalon is unique and is unmatched in its Landscape Lighting design ability--it is my competitive edge over the competition.  Proper Landscape Lighting is an integral part of extending our living space after dark.  Landscape Lighting lends itself both to an enhanced emotional experience, and to a greatly improved functional need of any property.

My clientele varies depending on project type and location, but the majority are Custom Residential projects or include the following:

Learned knowledge through experience, Passion in this art form, and Listening to the client.

Mark Carlson

Certified Outdoor Lighting Designer  #1101